Huge Increase in Conversions for MuscleFood

Here’s how we delivered a huge increase in conversions FOR MULTI-MILLION POUND HEALTH FOOD BRAND MUSCLEFOOD

We were approached by household name health food company MuscleFood to overhaul their PPC management strategy, reduce their average cost per acquisition and increase the number of conversions. 

Straight away in month 1, we made a number of ‘quick win’ adjustments which led to a huge increase in conversions, all while reducing the average cost per acquisition. The strategy was to focus more budget on over-performing campaign types (Google Shopping) while decreasing budget on more speculative channels (Display Ads).

From month 2 onwards, we took a reactive shift in approach while the client made a temporary 51% reduction to their PPC budget, all while maintaining great performance and making further improvements.

The result was a considerably more efficient PPC campaign that underwent a number of performance improvements and adjustments during a temporary budget reduction.